A Guide for Couples in Wedding Expos/Fairs

You might be thinking to yourself as to how you’re supposed to act or even what to wear when it comes to these wedding expos/fairs. As one of those that have experienced such events already, let us give you a guide on what to do in wedding expos/fairs if you’re a total beginner in these kinds of things.

  1. Wear comfortable clothing

There’s no need for you to go out there and show off cool and stylish looking clothes in these kinds of events. Remember that when you come to a wedding expo/fair, you will be trying different gowns and so simple and comfortable clothes are required. As for your footwear comfy shoes are recommended.

2. Bring People Along

You would want to consider bringing your groom along with you, your mom, or even your mother-in-law. Of course it does not end there, since you can also bring your bridesmaids and even the maid of honor. Just make sure though that the people that you would bring would not be a hinder to the style that you would like your wedding to be. Another advice is do not bring a lot of people.

3. Collate Your Ideas In One Place

If you already have a blueprint of what you want your wedding to be, then it is only right for you to put all of them in one place. You can either compile the ideas in your phone with the help of Pinterest or just create your own scrapbook of how you want to style the wedding. By doing these, you will be helping yourself and the exhibitor save time since this will help the exhibitors know what you have in mind instead of doing random guesses.

4. Open Up a Separate Email

It is without a doubt that there would be a flood of emails for you after the said event, and so opening up a separate email is recommended. Do not just use one email for your job and for the wedding expo because there is going to be a chance that you might miss one or two emails due to huge amount of emails just piling. Plus, it is a hassle separating emails.

5. Things to Bring for the Event

We’re sure that you are also thinking if you should be bringing things for the events, and yes here are the list for the important things that you should have when going to wedding expos/fairs:

a. Bags – bags that you would bring should be large in size and it is even better if it’s a shoulder bag. Lots of business cards would be given plus brochures or even flyers and so bags are a must for you

b. Pair of Heels – these will come in handy when trying on wedding gowns that tickle your fancy

c. Phones/Cameras – phones are very much needed when it comes to showing the style that you like through Pinterest and for other stuffs which is why cameras are recommended to be brought too. Let the camera handle the photos so you can save some battery life in your phone

d. Diary/Organizer – with the help of either diaries/organizers, you can just schedule consultations with exhibitors and write it in them. These things too will be handy since you can just stick the business cards, leaflets, flyers, and even your own research in them

e. Scrapbook – this is an alternative to bring if you don’t have a Pinterest account in your phone to show the style that you would want your wedding to be

f. Cash/Cheques – money is something that you would not want to forget in wedding expos/fairs. Checks/check books can prove its importance when making deposits but since some exhibitors don’t accept card, cash would be handy when a deposit is needed.

g. Mailing Labels – these mailing labels are only a recommendation but they’re a nifty idea. Rewriting your contacts and details over and over again is exhausting and so we recommend you to put your contacts and details in mailing labels so that all you need to do is peel and stick. Don’t forget to be creative when it comes to these because simple things like these can save you time.

6. Ensure That You Know The Event

Knowing the exhibitors that would be attending is good because you can identify the exhibitors that you like. Having a floor plan too of where the event would take place would save you time when finding the said exhibitors that you’re interested in.

7. Collect Business Cards and Photos

Don’t forget that you came here to mingle with exhibitors and find those that fits your style and so having contacts with them is important. Business cards contains the exhibitors’ contacts and so it’s only a must for you to collect them. Don’t be afraid to take photos too of the said exhibitors’ stalls together with their business cards.

8. Be Open-Minded and Open

Wedding expos/fairs would be a collection of everything and so being open-minded about certain styles and designs are needed. Try gowns here and there since you’ll never know which one would just create that spark. Try samples too of cakes and food, because again you’ll never know what would just be of your taste. Pay attention to bands and DJs that are playing for they can be to your likeness and so chat them in between performances regarding their service. Of course, you should be open too to the exhibitors of what you would like your wedding to be. Share your ideas to them since there is a chance that they would be able to fulfill that dream wedding of yours.

9. Ask Questions

You would need to interview the exhibitor a little and these questions would be enough to give you the information that you need:

a. Would this be available on my wedding date? – confirming this would be needed since no matter how great the exhibitor is, if they are unavailable to your wedding date then it is all futile.

b. Is it possible to see your other works? – for you to have an idea of how that exhibitor works and you can check their reviews again online to double check

c. How long have you been working in this industry? – even though there are those who are skilled enough even if they’re just beginning, it is without a doubt that an exhibitor that has experience would have advantages

d. What certain packages do you offer? – packages can have the same price range but different inclusions and so being able to identify it would help you in deciding what exhibitor would be fit with your budget and wedding style. Don’t forget to ask too if there would be additional fees or not.

e. Do you have exclusive promos and discounts available today? – knowing these certainly helps but you have to weigh it out if the promo or discount is the best option out there or if you have a different thing in mind

10. Find Your Favourites

After the event is over, find the exhibitors or vendors that caught your eye. Follow them on social media so that you can keep yourself updated with them.

Always remember that these wedding expos/fairs can be stressful but don’t forget to have fun doing them. Going around checking different stalls can be tiring but keep in mind that you’re doing yourself a favor since after everything is over, you would be the one who will be reaping everything because you are the one who will be having her wedding dreams fulfilled.