21 Tips for Vendors in Wedding Expos


There are no guidelines or textbooks as to how you can efficiently promote yourself or your brand in wedding expos. Luckily for you, this blog right here is created so that you may know your way around these wedding expos. This might be a hefty read but we guarantee you that with these tips, your wedding expo would go well and you might even get a customer or two.

  1. Be Ready

Always arm yourself with the things that you’ll need the night before the main event. Also create a checklist for those things to ensure that nothing will be forgotten. Avoid taking alcohol or eating garlic since those foods affect your breath when talking with customers.

2. Know Your Target Market

Having an idea as to who would be your target market would be an edge to your business since you can just adjust your gears to what they want, making it easier for you to attract them.

3. Look Presentable While Being Comfortable

Good appearances are always important and a must for you. Being able to look presentable while you having comfort with the clothing that you wear is a must. Simple attire is recommended but if you have branded (your brand) garments then go for it.

4. Don’t Lose Composure

Now we all know that events like these are stress-inducing but just like in every situation being calm is needed. Know where the parking is plus the unloading areas. Have a light snack or lunch with you paired with a drink. Having a helper too won’t be too bad for you.

5. Know Your Exhibit Space

When it comes to these wedding expos, knowing what would be included in your exhibit space is a must. Raise questions if electricity, Wi-Fi, tablecloths, chairs, and tables costs you or not. Also keep in mind that staying within the exhibit that you paid for is a must plus make sure that your stall does not extend to other exhibitors’ space.

6. Understand Your Contract

Know the situation that you’re going to jump to by reading its contract. Wedding expos/fairs have some items that maybe banned or needed to provide so knowing all of those would be good before signing the said contract.

7. Sell Yourself

It’s important to not only consider the clothing that you wear but also the way you act. Keep in mind, that you as a vendor must know how to promote not only your brand but also yourself since you would reflect the brand that you’re trying to promote. Do not laze around your stall instead interact with couples who are interested in your brand. Do not be pushy though instead keep yourself cool and composed plus approachable and open.

8. List Couples Who Wanted Contact

Having a list of couples that wanted to be contact is a must. Not only are you able to know that they are interested in you but you also won’t be lost in finding contacts of customers. Make sure though to contact them though after the event.

9. Invite Clients

It wouldn’t hurt to invite clients to these said wedding expos/fairs since through this method, you would be able to present them with more options to go to.

10. Promotions

Promotions are a good way to advertise something and to let other people know what is up. There are two things that you should know to promote during these kinds of events:

a. The Fair Itself – let the internet know that there will be an upcoming fair and then you might as well include what you would be doing there

b. Your Business – now this might differ from the first since this can be done in the wedding fair/expo itself but showcase it with your displays/materials the different services that you can offer. Don’t forget to include these too in your business cards.

11. Use Business Cards/Flyers

These should be considered as a need for vendors who goes to wedding expos/fairs, even though they can be a little bit expensive it for sure is an effective way for you to have potential customers. Keep in mind though when creating business cards, that you have to go easy on the designs and keep it simple – what you do, your contacts, and some photos should be the basics found in your business card. For flyers, don’t make it look cheap rather give it a more expensive look by using a thick paper/card with a matte finish. Coding materials too are recommended so that you may know where your marketing is received when couples present codes/quotes.

12. Be Friendly

By choosing to have friends in these kinds of events, you can somehow ease the tension with other exhibitors. Not only that but they can also act as a network/connection since they can recommend you and in return you can recommend them. Lastly, the most important is you can take breaks if you were somehow able to befriend the exhibitors of either side of your stall since they can watch over your stall if you’re out to take a break or entertain waiting customers while you’re talking to the other customers.

P.S. Don’t be afraid to look each other up on social media and connect with them there!

13. Grab Promotional Opportunities

Consider grabbing sponsorship of some parts of the show since by doing so, brand exposure is guaranteed.

14. Displays Must Be Attention-Grabbing

Just like in malls, having attention-grabbing displays is a must for your stall. Create displays that can be easily seen through the crowd or have a hanging sign that can show your location.

15. Provide Freebies/Giveaways

Being able to provide these is a great idea to market your brand but you have to keep in mind that you should not be giving away all of these without you gaining something in return. Instead of giving it all away mindlessly, you can start giving them after couples agreed to give you their email or are available for contact. Having a display too stating that on how you can get freebies/giveaways would be a good idea.

16. Engrave Yourself Into the Memory of Your Customers

Having good attitude with customers as well as interacting with them are both good traits to have but for you to really become a memory for your customers engaging them into doing a short but fun activity is a good thing. E.g. letting your customers partake into a cute but silly photo.

17. Know Your Goals

Setting goals plus knowing them are both important for you as an exhibitor to have. Since through this, you can tell yourself easily if you still have to reach a certain height or if you were able to reach it already.

18. Avoid Being “Salesy”

The last thing that you would want to be in these kinds of events is a “salesy” kind of person. Customers won’t like it if you would look at them only as potential money, instead become someone who is able to provide information to them. Using their contacts, email them contents that are beneficial to their wedding to establish an “expert” look on you.

19. Market Yourself to the Max

Don’t hold back on marketing yourself too much. Know that it is sometimes best to win the hearts of your customers by giving them foods/services related to your business. Keep in mind though that only pamper those who has the very best potential to be your customers.

20. Track Your Return of Investment (ROI)

See and check your graphs if things are changing with the way you do things, and if there are no changes try to do something new for a change. Always experiment with what the people want and what the current trend is. There is no formula for success but if you were to repeatedly test it, we’re sure something will work out for you in the end. If you want to come back again to the wedding expo, make sure to tell the organizers. If you end up having a lot of friends after the event, then don’t be afraid to keep in touch with them or even better, eat together with them.

21. Emergencies

Since these fairs/expos have a designated time to end, going out early is not really a good thing to do. But if emergencies arose or if you already planned to leave early, then contacting the organizers would be the right thing to do. If you were unlucky though and the organizers did not allow you to do so, then you have no choice but to stay until the end.

end note:

Again, these tips were a lot but these tips would indeed be good for you if you are an exhibitor/vendor in these wedding expos/fairs. Follow these to ensure that nothing goes bad and if accidents arise then keeping calm and finding a solution for it would be the best way to solve the said problem.